Sunday, November 15, 2009

" I Love Scrapbooking"

"I Love Scrapbooking" But being a work at home mother of 7 and with children and stepchildren fro 6 years to 25 years I needed to find away to make an extra income to help my husband with household expenses. So I have decided to share what I love and help others find ways to scrap even in their busy lives. I am doing this by opening an online store at

With my hectic busy live as mother and wife I needed to find away to do what I love, but without taking up all my time so I created scrapbook page transparencies/overlays that would speed up the scrapbook layout process and yet make those very special memories extra special. With these transparencies you just simply add your photographs and any embellishments you may want and some journaling if desired and your page is done. I have sold these on Ebay on a one at a time basis but many of you have ask if we would sell them on cd's or if you could download them and print them yourselves.

My mother told me the customer was always right so the answer is yes. All the transparencies are available both 12 X 12 and 8.5 X 11. Of course the 12 X 12's can be used for the 6 X 6 and 8 X 8 by simply resizing it.

Please come back to our site often as we are adding many of my favorite items for sale there and always at a discount. I love bling so one of the first items we are adding Stickles. They dress up the scrapbook page in such a simple way.

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